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 HG/SS News

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PostSubject: HG/SS News   Tue Aug 25, 2009 5:42 am

The largest piece of information revealed is the return of Apricorns and making Poke Balls out of them, though we already knew they would be included due to an Apricorn tree's presence in the demos of the games. As the first and second scans show above, all seven Apricorn Poke Balls from Gold and Silver return. However, a new feature for the remakes will be the inclusion of an Apricorn Case, a new item that you keep in your bag which allows you to grow Apricorns on the go!

* Friend Ball - the caught Pokemon has high happiness after being captured; made from Green Apricorn.
* Heavy Ball - catch rate is higher the heavier the Pokemon is; Black Apricorn.
* Love Ball - 8x better catch rate if the wild Pokemon is the opposite gender of your Pokemon; Pink Apricorn.
* Fast Ball - 4x better catch rate if the wild Pokemon flees from battle; White Apricorn.
* Level Ball - higher catch rate for lower-leveled Pokemon; made from Red Apricorn.
* Moon Ball - 4x better catch rate for Pokemon that evolve from the Moon Stone; Yellow Apricorn.
* Lure Ball - 3x better catch rate for Pokemon caught on a fishing rod; Blue Apricorn.

The rest of the scans reveal the return of the National Park's Bug Catching Contest, where you attempt to capture the best Bug-type Pokemon and the Mystery Egg, which eventually hatched into a Togepi in the original games. The Safari Zone is new to the Johto region and is located in Cianwood City. A new Johto Battle Frontier is also confirmed, the entrance of which is seen on the right side of the sixth scan along with the Magnet Train. The seventh scan shows Raikou's sprite, while the eighth and ninth scans depict an encounter with a Level 50 Rayquaza. As reported in June, the Rayquaza will appear in either game once Kyogre and Groudon, each of which is version-exclusive, are captured and traded over to one game.

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PostSubject: Re: HG/SS News   Tue Sep 22, 2009 9:43 pm

i loved making my own pokeballs
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HG/SS News
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