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 Technician, STAB, Pursuit.

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PostSubject: Technician, STAB, Pursuit.   Mon Jul 05, 2010 11:59 pm

I'm currently working on a Scizor for my team (and, unless I screw the pooch on this one, too, this should be my last Pokémon I need to train), and also have an Ambipom.

Scizor has a choice of two separate abilities, the first of which being Swarm (a bug-typed Blaze/Overgrow/Torrent). The second choice any Scizor has is to have the ability Technician.

What Technician does is that it gives any attacks of a base power equal to or below 60 a boost of 50%.

I have a question regarding each Ambipom & Scizor with this ability (both (will) have it):

1) Scizor knows the move Pursuit. This does 40 base damage, which therefore gets a boost up to 60. However, if used on a Pokémon switching out, it normally gets a boot up to 80.

Does this mean that after getting the boost from Technician, it then gets brought up to 80; does it mean that it ignores the Technician boost, as its base power is not technically 80 (which would end up as the same effect as the last option); or does it mean that, due to the original base power of 40, it would get the boost, but after it gets brought up to 80 (resulting in a much preferred power of 120)?

2) Ambipom. Ambipom has this ability, too. The move he has that's under 60 base power is Fake Out (BP: 40). Without Technician, Fake Out gets a STAB boost of 50%. In the case of Ambipom, it would get a 50% boost followed by a 50% boost either way, totalling 90 base damage.

But, say if another move, which I'm going to refer to as the highly non-technical 'Fake In', were to have 60 BP before adding STAB? Would 'Fake In' get the STAB, and as a result of then having 90 base power, not get the Technician boost? Or would it first get the Technician boost, bringing it up to 90BP, which would than be followed by the STAB, bringing 'Fake In' to a total Base Power of 135?

Yeah. I'm pretty sure that that all makes sense. I used semicolons a couple of times throughout the post as bigger sentence breaks between options.

Thanks in advance. =)
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Technician, STAB, Pursuit.
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