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A Pokemon forum to test your skils, trade rare Pokemon and make new friends!Have fun!!!!
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 Game Mechanics Guide

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PostSubject: Game Mechanics Guide   Sun Aug 30, 2009 2:54 am

Game Mechanics Guide By: Akis1988
This guide is basically where everything that cant be put into the other guides will be put. So of course that means that this guide (even more so then the others) will be updated, reorganized, and all together repaired often.

List of Content
-Crush Grip and Wring Out
-Secret Power
-Hidden Power

Introduced in the third generation of the pokemon series, natures play a large part in the selection of pokemon jobs. Each nature increases one stat by 10% and decreases another stat by 10% (Note: the reason for the ones with no change, such as Hardy, is because it is being increased and decreased in the same stat so they negate each other)

Posted Image

Neutral Natures:

Other Natures:
-Lonely: +Attack, -Defense
-Brave: +Attack, -Speed
-Adamant: +Attack, -Special Attack
-Naughty: +Attack, -Special Defense

-Bold: +Defense, -Attack
-Relaxed: +Defense, -Speed
-Impish: +Defense, -Special Attack
-Lax: +Defense, -Special Defense

-Timid: +Speed, -Attack
-Hasty: +Speed, -Defense
-Jolly: +Speed, -Special Attack
-Naive: +Speed, -Special Defense

-Modest: +Special Attack, -Attack
-Mild: +Special Attack, -Defense
-Quiet: +Special Attack, -Speed
-Rash: +Special Attack, -Special Defense

-Calm: +Special Defense, -Attack
-Gentle: +Special Defense, -Defense
-Sassy: +Special Defense, -Speed
-Careful: +Special Defense, -Special Attack

Crush Grip and Wring Out

These moves work a little differently than other moves you will find in the game and thus deserve a special mention in my game mechanics guide. Instead of having a set base damage, both Crush Grip and Wring Out's power depends on the opponents HP. The moves can do between 1 base damage to 110 base damage based upon the opponent's HP relative to its maximum HP (meaning that base stats are not taken into account for these attacks)

Here is a simple formula to find out the damage from the two normal type attacks:
Base Power = 110 * (Opponent's Current HP / Opponent's Max HP)

It is obvious from the inner-workings of the game that these moves are best used against pokemon when they are at a relatively high amount of HP, otherwise the moves power will deplete with the opponent's HP.

Secret Power

Secret Power is another novelty move that houses some dormant potential. The attack is always base 70 damage, 100 accuracy, and is of the normal type, however, the secondary effect of the move changes based on where the battle is taking place. Here is a list of the different battle fields in Pokmon D/P and their secondary effects.

Grass- 30% chance of poison
Tall Grass- 30% chance of sleep
Sand- 30% chance of lowering the opponents accuracy
Rocky Surfaces- 30% chance of flinching
Mountainside- 30% chance of confusion
Marshland- 30% chance of lowering the opponents speed
Water- 30% chance of lowering the opponents attack
Underwater-30% chance of lowering the opponents defense
Snow- 30% chance of freezing
Buildings (wifi default) 30% chance of paralysis

Hidden Power

Hidden Power is an unusual move introduced in the second generation of the Pokemon franchise. The move is important for two reasons. 1) It enables any pokemon to have an attack of any type in theory and 2) it made TONS of old RBY sets obsolete (mainly rock/ground types). Let me explain the attack in more details. The base damage and type of the move depend upon which pokemon uses it. The reasons they are different is consistent with the particular pokemon’s Individual Values (IVs are explained more in depth in the [url]IV Guide[/URL]). Depending on your IVs, the attack can be between 10 and 70 base power an be of any one of the seventeen types. Thanks to my research I have uncovered the best IV combinations to give you a base 70 Hidden Power in the given type. (Note: I’m only listing the best/most used IV combinations. Any IV of 31 can be replaced with an IV of 3/7/11/15/19/23/27, and any IV of 30 can be replaced with an IV of 2/6/10/14/18/22/26 and maintain the same IV Combination)

The IV combinations are listed in the following stat order: HP, ATK, DEF, SPD, SATK, SDEF.

HP Fighting 70

HP Flying 70

HP Poison 70

HP Ground 70

HP Rock 70

HP Bug 70

HP Ghost 70

HP Steel 70

HP Fire 70

HP Water 70

HP Grass 70

HP Electric 70

HP Psychic 70

HP Ice 70

HP Dragon 70

HP Dark 70
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PostSubject: Re: Game Mechanics Guide   Wed Sep 23, 2009 3:17 am

didnt know some of this
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PostSubject: Re: Game Mechanics Guide   Sat Dec 19, 2009 2:22 am

i didnt get the hidden power thing. how can you know which type it is?
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PostSubject: Re: Game Mechanics Guide   Sat Dec 19, 2009 5:20 am

oh i need that
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PostSubject: Re: Game Mechanics Guide   Sat Dec 19, 2009 12:15 pm

Pokemon master to get the type you have to take your pokemon's ivs and plug them into the numbers Akis gave (including the possible substitution). Whatever matched is your HP type

85% of all Wi-Fi teams include either a Scizor, Salamence or Swampert. If you're one of the 15% who think outside the box, copy and paste this into your sig
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PostSubject: Re: Game Mechanics Guide   Sat Dec 19, 2009 10:58 pm

By wi fi default, do you mean you can set it to different places?
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PostSubject: Re: Game Mechanics Guide   Tue Jan 19, 2010 8:09 am

no it will always be a building no matter what.
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PostSubject: Re: Game Mechanics Guide   

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Game Mechanics Guide
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