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A Pokemon forum to test your skils, trade rare Pokemon and make new friends!Have fun!!!!
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 Guide on both IV and Nature Breeding

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PostSubject: Guide on both IV and Nature Breeding   Mon Jan 25, 2010 6:55 am

Guide on both IV and Nature Breeding by Akis1988

This guide will tell you how to breed for both IV’s and Natures, and by doing so, you will have very strong pokemon. I’m giving you the secret to battling competitively in these guides, so you better use the knowledge well. This guide can might get confusing, but you can always leave questions, comments, concerns, complaints, or even compliments.

Background for breeding for both:

In the previous guides, they only showed you how to breed for either IV's or Nature separately, but when you want to breed for both, you do things a little differently. It will be much more time consuming then breeding for either aspect alone, so prepare for some tediousness.

This guide will show you how to breed for pokemon with the right gender, nature, and good IV’s. I think males are better, but if you want a female, know this, if you have a male, it will pass down any moves it learned by TM’s if you breed it.

How to breed for both:

First, you breed your pokemon like how it said in the IV guide, breed until you find one with more good IV’s in the stats you care about than the parent of the same gender, then replace. You keep doing this until both of the parents have good IV’s in all the stats you care about.

While this is going on, if you find a female with the right nature and enough good IV’s to replace its mom, then give it an everstone before you replace it, this will make things easier in the long run. So if you ever come upon this female and you make it the new mom, I suggest if you come upon another female with enough good IV’s, make sure it has the right nature before you replace it. If not, it’ll be your choice if you want to replace the mom or not.

You keep going through the breeding process until you finally get both of the parents to have good IV’s in all the stats you care about. At this point, check the IV’s and natures of your remaining eggs to see if any of them are worth keeping, but don’t pick up any new eggs when doing this.

Now when all of your remaining eggs are gone, save before you pick up a new egg. Hatch the egg and see if it is the right gender and nature, if not, just release it, save before you pick up the next egg, then pick it up. Make sure you don’t pickup any more eggs when you’re hatching your current one. Keep doing this until you find the one with the right nature and gender.

NOTE: Having the female parent already have the right nature, and holding the everstone will make you come across the pokemon with the right nature faster. Also, if you already have a female, and it already has good IV's and the right nature, you could stop here and use that pokemon if you don't care about the gender.

Once you do get the pokemon with the nature and gender(if you care about gender), don’t save yet, give it as many rare candies as you are willing to part with forever, and check the IV’s. If the IV’s aren’t good in all the stats you care about, then reset the game.

Here is the most accurate IV calculator out there I think, so it will minimize the amount of rare candies you will need to use to get a somewhat accurate result here

When you restart, you be back to when right before you picked up the egg. When you pick it up again and hatch it, the gender and nature should be the same, that is because they are determined already when the egg becomes available. However, the IV’s will be different, because IV’s are determined when you pick the egg up. So check the IV’s and see if they are good this time. If not, reset and go through the process again until you come across that final pokemon that has the right gender, nature, and IV’s in the stats you care about.

Congratulations when you finally come across this potentially very powerful pokemon. All you gotta do now is EV train it, and it will be one of the strongest of its kind.

Don't copy and paste this guide anywhere! But you can still link if you want.
Congratulations on learning how to breed very strong pokemon.


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PostSubject: Re: Guide on both IV and Nature Breeding   Mon Jan 25, 2010 7:02 am

Everything Akis said is good. But to help you guys out I have another trick that will make getting the right nature easier. Go out and chain dittos. Catch as many of them as you can. By doing this you will get a wide assortment of natures that you can choose from. If you give one of those dittos an everstone there will be a 50% chance that that nature will be passed to the offspring. I personally have most of the natures that I would ever want in my dittos so it is very easy for me to personally get any of the really competitive natures.

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Guide on both IV and Nature Breeding
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