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A Pokemon forum to test your skils, trade rare Pokemon and make new friends!Have fun!!!!
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 POTW: Froslass

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Fallen Destiny
Fallen Destiny

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PostSubject: POTW: Froslass   Sat Apr 10, 2010 12:47 pm


Froslass@Focus Sash
Timid|Snow Cloak
252 SpA, 252 Spe, 4 Def
~Ice Beam/Shadow Ball
~Destiny Bond

Overview: This set abuses Froslass's access to a quick Destiny Bond after it lays its Spikes. With 350 Speed, not many Pokemon will be outpacing Froslass. The strategy is quite simple: use Spikes until Froslass is low on HP and then Destiny Bond for the potential kill, making the score even but with Spikes on the opponent's side of the field. Taunt prevents opponents from setting up. Additionally, if your opponent has an attack that doesn't damage Froslass, you can use Taunt to force it to attack or switch out. If you predict correctly, you will either take out their lead or set up another layer of Spikes. Maximum Special Attack is recommended with this set because Froslass is holding a Focus Sash, making defenses not worth investing in. It also gives Froslass the ability to OHKO Donphan. Maximum Speed gives Froslass the ability to outpace Pokemon like Scyther and Mismagius. This means Froslass can hit them with a quick Taunt and Destiny Bond before they get a chance to set up.

Froslass@Leftovers/Choice Scarf
Timid|Snow Cloak
248 HP, 228 Def, 32 Spe
~Pain Split
~Ice Beam

Overview: Bulky Froslass may seem odd at first given Froslass's poor defensive stats. However, it can easily defeat most common Rapid Spinners, as well as being able to to survive longer in order to set up more Spikes or switch in later to block Rapid Spin. Spikes is obvious on a set like this. Ice Beam functions as Froslass's STAB move of choice, as it is capable of hitting Donphan (a top UU Rapid Spinner) for super effective damage. Taunt can be used to prevent opponents from setting up on the offensively weak Froslass. Trick, on the other hand, takes advantage of the defensive nature of many Rapid Spinners, crippling them with a Choice Scarf. Pain Split keeps Froslass healthy and allows it to weaken many common Rapid Spinners, most of which do not carry recovery moves other than Rest. The EVs of this set are specifically made to survive two Pursuits from Ambipom and four Pursuits from Spiritomb (without a Choice Band). The HP EVs are lowered and added into Defense to ensure that Froslass takes minimal damage from Stealth Rock. 32 Speed EVs with a Timid nature allow Froslass to outpace neutral natured base 95s such as Leafeon and Drapion.

Timid|Snow Cloak
248 HP, 228 Def, 32 Spe
~Protect/Thunder Wave/ Confuse Ray

Overview: This set aims to abuse Froslass's Snow Cloak ability, which allows it to evade attacks 20% of the time while hail is active. With Substitute and Leftovers, Froslass has an easy time "forcing" the opponent to miss, thus getting a free turn to set up Spikes. With a bulky EV spread, Froslass will even be able to take a couple of hits while setting up Spikes. Protect is used for scouting Choiced attackers and abusing Leftovers recovery and hail damage. Thunder Wave and Confuse Ray also help Froslass get additional turns of Leftovers recovery, and they can also give Froslass a chance to set up a Substitute. Blizzard is useful for checking Pokemon such as Rhyperior and Torterra, while also giving Froslass a strong attack to use when behind a Substitute with all three layers of Spikes already down. It also prevents Froslass from being Taunt bait. A bulky EV spread is used with this set so that it doesn't rely purely on the opponent missing to set up Spikes. It also allows Froslass to benefit more from Leftovers and Protect.

Team Options:
No non-lead Froslass set functions to its full potential without Rapid Spin support. Additionally, Stealth Rock support helps hit the Pokemon who are immune to Spikes, making sure your opponent is always punished for switching, unless they are using Clefable. Donphan is a great candidate for fulfilling these roles, since it has access to both Rapid Spin and Stealth Rock. Froslass's Spikes cause many Pokemon to be very difficult to handle, but there are a few in particular that are especially hard to face. Moltres is arguably the best Pokemon to use with Froslass, since there are less than three common Pokemon (Azumarill, Altaria, and Chansey) who can safely switch in and beat Moltres. Additionally, Swellow and Scyther work quite well with Spikes because of their strong U-turns and grounded counters. It should be noted that all of these Pokemon benefit from Rapid Spin support. Defensively, Froslass generally has trouble with Fire-type Pokemon because they resist Ice Beam and can OHKO Froslass. Kabutops and Aggron also cause Froslass trouble since they resist Ice Beam and can OHKO with their STAB Rock-type attacks. This makes Blastoise a great teammate for Froslass, as it has high Defense and resists Fire-type attacks. Milotic and Azumarill also work well in this regard. Hitmontop is a great teammate for Froslass since it can not only reliably use Rapid Spin against common Ghost-types, but it can also easily switch into Rock-type attacks.

Fire-types such as Arcanine and Houndoom cause major trouble for Froslass, since it cannot do much to hurt them while they easily KO it in return. Rock-types that aren't weak to Ice Beam, such as Kabutops and Aggron, easily beat Froslass as well. Cloyster is also a very solid Froslass counter, since it can use Rock Blast to KO Froslass and then Rapid Spin the Spikes away. Pokemon with powerful Pursuits are also quite good against Froslass since it is fairly frail and can't do much to most Dark-type Pokemon anyway. Spiritomb, Houndoom, and Drapion come to mind as good Pursuit users since they don't take much damage from Ice Beam. In the lead position, Ambipom with Taunt is a good way to stop all Froslass from setting up, even though it won't 2HKO some Froslass with Pursuit. Moltres and Spiritomb also work since they OHKO Froslass, limiting the Focus Sash lead to one layer of early-game Spikes.
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POTW: Froslass
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