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A Pokemon forum to test your skils, trade rare Pokemon and make new friends!Have fun!!!!
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 Team Building Guide

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PostSubject: Team Building Guide   Sun Aug 30, 2009 2:50 am

Team Building Guide By: Akis1988

So you beat the game, crushed the elite four, and think you are amazing because you can destroy your sibling in a link battle. Well you can kiss all those happy memories good-bye the instant you step into the world of competitive battling. In this world, odds are that the other battlers have better movesets, better EV spreads, and better teams then you. But don't let that stop you. With a little help from me, a whole lot of luck, and your own style of battling you too can become a top Pokémon trainer.

Team Building Basics
A lot of newbs, fresh off from the elite 4, think that if I choose six legendaries or six near legendaries, add some strong attacks, maybe even EV train them and ...BAM! You got yourself an amazing team of unbelievable power. Bzzzt! Wrong answer. To make a truly great team you have to think deeper than just what’s on the surface, and find a battling style that is truly your own. So let this guide add some pointers to the selection of the six warriors that will eventually become your team.

Pokémon Jobs
The first thing is figuring out what kinds of Pokémon you need. A Pokémon can do any number of jobs, but in the most basic of terms there are 3 different types of jobs: Sweepers, Tanks, and Others. A Sweeper is a newb's favorite, a Pokémon meant to attack your opponent's Pokémon and deal some serious damage. Sweepers come in three different types: Physical, Special, and Mixed. Simply enough, physical sweepers use physical moves, special sweepers use special moves, and mixed sweepers use both kinds. A Tank is a Pokémon meant to absorb damage. Tanks also come in three varieties: Physical, Special, and Dual (I'm sure you can figure out what they mean). The last category is harder to describe as it pretty much is used to cover all the other strategies out there. Another Pokémon can be a Cleric (meant to heal the party via Heal Bell of Aromatherapy), a Baton Passer (Meant to pass along stat changes), an Annoyer (meant to use indirect moves to deal damage), or any other kind not listed above. These three jobs form a nifty triangle of sorts. Another usually is able to beat a tank, a tank is usually able to beat a sweeper, and a sweeper is usually able to beat another. To figure out what Pokémon is good at what job is usually figured out while looking at a Pokémon's base stats (look in the [url]Pokédex[/URL] to find what the base stats of each Pokémon are). For example a Pokémon with high attack is best as a physical sweeper, while likewise a Pokémon with a large base special defense is most likely best used as a special tank.

Pokémon Types
Probably the next aspect to look at in your team is each Pokémon's type and their weaknesses. In a normal team you don’t want more than two-three Pokémon having the same weakness. It is also advised to have types that resist the weaknesses to other types on your team, to make it easier to switch into battle (ex. a grass type to cover a fire type's water weakness).

Pokémon Movesets
And lastly comes the moveset. A moveset really depends on what each Pokémon's job is. Sweepers, for example need several attacking moves, tanks usually need recovery moves, and others cover all sorts of moves.
-Attacking Moves- These are moves that are meant to deal damage. They have to have a high base power, and if possible, a high accuracy rate. Almost every Pokémon needs at least one direct attacking move, corresponding to their higher attack stat. If possible, it would be advisable to get a move the same type as your Pokémon to get the STAB (Same type Attack Bonus).
-Stat Uppers- A lot of newbs stay away from these type of moves because they aren't really necessary in game. However, they are extremely useful in competitive battling. If you are going to use a stat upping move (usually people don't use enemy stat reducing moves) try to get a move that raises a stat by more than one level (swords dance) or raises 2 different stats one level (bulk up) instead of just a single stat one level (howl). You'll find that using and maintaining these stat changes is a big key to winning battles.
-Status inflictions- These handy moves are also sometimes avoided by newer battlers because they aren't necessary in game. However, paralyzing, poisoning, or freezing Pokémon have major advantages in the meta game. Not only do they stop a Pokémon from attacking, reduce a stat, or continuously hurt an enemy they are also used to disrupt your opponents strategy and annoy them enough that they make a mistake big enough to give you the control of the battle. If you are using a status inflictor move, aim for one with high pp and high accuracy. Meaning don't use Grasswhistle (accuracy 55) when u could use spore (100).
-Other- Whatever is left is placed in the other category. These moves are usually supportive moves designed to help boosts your team continuously (moves such as trick room, reflect, safeguard, rain dance) or moves that are reactionary (mirror coat, magic coat, counter). They aren't a necessity in-game or competitively but knowing how to use these kind of moves will probably give you the biggest edge in high stakes battles.

Specific Jobs
I already explained the basics of the job section above but here I will list and describe some of the niches that a Pokémon on your team may want to be used for.

Hazer/Phazer- A hazer/phazer are Pokémon that either use the move haze to negate all stat changes or use moves the psuedo haze (hence we get phazers). Phazers use moves like roar or whirlwind that negate stat changes as more of a side effect than the actual purpose of the move. Every true pro team needs a hazer/phazer to deal with baton passers and other stat uppers.

Choice- A choice Pokémon is a poke that uses one of the choice items (choice specs, choice band, choice scarf). These Pokémon are many used to hit the opponents Pokémon hard and fast. Since they become predictable after that one attack (because of the move lock) this type of Pokémon will often switch out afterwards. These Pokémon are great as stall breakers.

Annoyer- A Pokémon meant to annoy by means of indirect damage or status inflictions. It is best that an annoyer uses two different annoying moves and that these annoying moves can double up (meaning toxic+confuse ray is good, but will-o-wisp+hypnosis is bad)

Spiker/Stealth Rocker- These are Pokémon that use spikes (regular or poison) or stealth rock to deal passive damage to in coming foes. These Pokémon also are best when they are paired with a move that forces the opponent to switch (ex. whirlwind)

Shuffler- A shuffler is a mix between a spiker and an annoyer. First they use a status move (such as will-o-wisp) and then they force a switch to another foe by means of moves like roar and repeat the process until the opponents entire team has status problems. It runs into problems with Pokémon with Heal Bell/Aromatherapy, poke that resist that status problem, or Pokémon with abilities such as Guts.

Trapper- These Pokémon use moves like Mean Look or Whirlpool, or abilities like Arena Trap to stop a Pokémon from switching. These Pokémon are usually used to finish off a weak poke or keep the Pokémon in and make the most of toxic.

Healer/Cleric- A Pokémon that uses the move Heal Bell or Aromatherapy to cure the entire team of status. Works best in a team full of Pokémon that can rest
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PostSubject: Re: Team Building Guide   Tue Sep 15, 2009 8:27 am

idk if u would b willing to build me a good team of grass types??
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PostSubject: Re: Team Building Guide   Mon Sep 21, 2009 2:39 pm

wow there are many guides
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PostSubject: Re: Team Building Guide   Tue Sep 22, 2009 8:23 pm

yes there are
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Fallen Destiny

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PostSubject: Re: Team Building Guide   Wed Mar 24, 2010 10:09 am

Uh, i can. But i'll need ilias's permission though. For now, its moved to the basket.
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PostSubject: Re: Team Building Guide   

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Team Building Guide
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